The Sauce

After two years of hard work in the Hip Hop Kitchen, Hip Hop Sauce, the tequila infused ‘Taste of Hip Hop’ is the ‘Devilishly Delicious’ kick needed to spice up any meal or Bloody Mary. Having successfully incorporated Hip Hop music with food through Hip Hop Brunch LDN, the logical next step for Hip Hop LDN was to create the perfect hot sauce - a staple product in any kitchen. ‘Originial Hot' is the first flavour coming to you soon.

Tequila Infused

Hip Hop LDN’s alcohol of choice is Tequila! We sip it, we shot it, and now we can eat it! Tequila brings out the flavour of the sauce; adding something extra to your spice buzz - when you’re not quite up for a Prairie Fire (a shot of tequila followed by a shot of hot sauce) Hip Hop Sauce will fire you up without the hangover. Tequila is known to aid weight loss by increasing metabolism, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of dementia, made from the natural Agave plant it is full of antibodies, is not a depressant like other alcohol!

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