Video: Watch as T.I. flips black America's experiences on its head

With all that is being documented regarding police brutality in recent times, T.I. isn’t afraid to speak on the topics needed to help bring awareness to a greater reach. In the video for his latest single 'Warzone', T.I. turns the tables, showing a glimpse of the other American experience as their reality.

See the video below

While T.I. does his best to tackle the issues portrayed, which some people may recognise as echoes of reality, the video shows what it would be like if whites had to endure the same injustices as Blacks. The Atlanta rapper gives eye-opening, undeniable depiction and we say 'Undeniable' with tongue in cheek.

 A long list of high profile police brutality instances, from Tamir Rice and Philando Castile, to the mysterious circumstances surrounding Sandra Bland's apparent suicide. With these now having been brought to the attention of main stream media and the general consensus, mainly thanks to the rise of social media. T.I. uses his position, to shed light further on this frequently debated topic (but unfortunately nothing further than debates).