The Philippines just shocked the World of Hip Hop with this!

UPeepz, a professional dance crew from the University of the Philippines-Diliman won the top prize at the 2016 World Hiphop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday, August 14 (Manila time) with a score of 8.69. They were followed by Lock N’ Lol from South Korea with a score of 8.37. Royal Family from New Zealand placed third with a score of 8.29.

Jhong Hilario also congratulated them through Instagram.

Congratulations UPeepz!!! Gold medalists!!! HHI World Hiphop Championships 2016 Mega Crew Division! and Alliance Bronze medalists Varsity Division! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!! 👏👏👏💪 Congratulations to our new World Champions UPeepz & Bronze Medalists Alliance_PH!!! And to their Coaches Chips Beltran and JJ Gustilo San Juan. Such an amazing job! To Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company & Lil' Peepz and their Coaches Mycs Villoso & Chips Beltran, hats off to you! To UP Streetdance Club, LGDM Dance Community, Tribo Lego, Booyah Ph, LMN & Slingshot PH --- your Coaches Von Ace Asilo, Zarrec John Pascual, Miguel Process Casado, Jazz Zamora & Chinky Asilo. To our World Battlers, Jerry Jake Medello, Miguel Process Casado, Jigoro N. Gragasin & Luigi Flares, thank you for reppin' us real hard. You are all awesome! To Nesh Janiola, thank you for heading the Philippine Delegation this year. To Xernan Guardiano Alfonso, thank you for representing our country in the world panel. All of you made us very proud and honoured. The whole dance community and the country celebrate your victory. Can't wait to see you all back home so we can express our heartfelt greetings! In behalf of the Board of Directors, Management & Managers of BIG Shift Creativ Centrale & Hip Hop International Philippines, thank you very much and more power! Benjo S. Madrigal Country Director ------------------------------------------- HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL 2016 RESULTS MEGACREW DIVISION 1st: Upeepz (8.69) 2nd: Lock n Lol (8.37) 3rd: Royal Family (8.29) ADULT DIVISION 1st: The bradas (7.73) 2nd: Prophecy (7.40) 3rd: Outlawz (7.38) VARSITY DIVISION 1st: Kana Boon! (8.14) 2nd:JB Star (8.07) 3rd: @Alliance_PH (7.60) JUNIOR DIVISION 1st: T.eenagers (7.24) 2nd: Scream (7.01) 3rd: Bubblegum (6.83) Hhi Phils BigShift CreativCentrale Jhong Hilario Republika ng TM MTV Pinoy Love Army