Recognising an Addiction Problem: Netflix


Ok, I finally get it.

Television, the drug of the nation is in full effect right now. After waking up after only two hours of sleep, even when I promised myself an early night beforehand – and all because of Netflix. Netflix and their constant stream of visual enchantments.

Netflix is the new drug of choice, the new crack, the chronic, MDMA, whatever you want to call it, they have got it, and they have no problem supplying the massive demand. Their product is far superior to the competition right now. Why get sky when Netflix is one tenth the price. Why choose Amazon prime with its extremely bare catalogue. Why go to pirate bay and hope for decent quality (if they even have what you are looking for). They have it wrapped up, and their content comes in various guises; Stranger things, How to make a Murderer, Narcos, House of Cards, just to name a few of their big hitters.

Hats off to Netflix for circumventing the world of illegal downloads and streaming, and competing with the box office and big series releases alike. There seems to be a new conversation generated every week on some Netflix exclusive or another. Be it the historic accuracy and gritty violence of Narco’s, the spellbinding casting and score of the Spielberg- esque Stranger Things. To the new ‘drug of choice’- Luke Cage – a modern day superhero, who was originally marketed as Marvels first black superhero during an era of Blaxploitation. Which now has some tweeting about its ‘racist’ overtones as it lacks any white characters of note. Irrespective of it being set in Harlem, a neighbourhood which accommodates a community of which 64% are black.

It’s practically unheard of, people being up in arms over the whiteness of Fargo, Game of thrones, Friends, The O.C., Arrested development, Sex and the city, How I Met Your Mother, Girls, Mad Men, Veep, Fraiser, Will & Grace, Blue bloods, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, Better Call Saul… I think I’ve made my point. 

Whether its stories based on true events, spun from the inside by PR machines, or general views from the world. Right now everybody is talking about the new drug -  Netflix.