Hip Hop LDN is a multifaceted organisation which retains various Hip Hop Lifestyle ventures inclusive of; Hip Hop Brunch, HHL Fashion, Hip Hop Sauce, Hip Hop Diner and Hip Hop Records. Hip Hop LDN’s mantra is to celebrate Hip Hop culture and to be the number one luxury Hip Hop Lifestyle brand.

Founded in February 2014 by Carmella Sternberg and Ollie Twist, Hip Hop LDN’s first project was Hip Hop Brunch. Following the success of Hip Hop Brunch, Hip Hop LDN was then birthed in order to reach a broader market and further the reach of their Hip Hop Lifestyle related products.

The Duo, originally British songwriters based in LA , worked with producers – the likes of SoulShock (2Pac, Chris Brown etc.) and Stargate (Beyonce, Rihanna etc.) and became further immersed in the Hip Hop culture. Ollie also being one of London’s most renowned DJ’s, noticed the significant lack of Hip Hop music and culture within London’s nightlife, with high-end clubs refusing to even incorporate it.

Thus, Hip Hop Brunch was formulated, which encompassed everything good about Hip Hop music, culture and a quality menu to match. Originally Hip Hop Brunch was for friends and associates, but as it grew and became popular, the phenomenon helped change the perception of Hip Hop events in the UK, and is now a recognised brand across the globe.

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